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Saturday 8 November 2014

The Epic Tournament Experience - Imperial Version

So I got to attend two Epic tournaments while I was in the Netherlands, both were Team events. We had to bring 2 150pts lists for each teammate. My girlfriend was keen to participate in a team event so I went with her. I picked Imperial side, and went for a TIE swarm. Not being specifically well-versed in Epic, I decided to neglect the low PS problem, since it meant I had more ships on the board. Howlrunner + 7 APs, Echo (more maneuvrable than Whisper, can theoretically stay out of high-PS-ships' arc), Captain Kagi to lure away the Assault Missiles and two Assault Missile dispensers of our own with Captain Jonus to make sure they hit.

There were 8 teams at the tournament, 4 Imperial 4 Rebel, with a total of one Rebel Transport.

Our first game was against a similar list, but with Assault Missiles on Bombers. They also had Jendon with Weapons Engineer and STS-321, which meant they could target lock everything! Sure, the first target lock was on Kagi, but the second could be on anything, essentially negating Kagi's use. While we made sure their Assault missiles didn't fire by thinning out target-locked Ties and getting them in range 1 of the Bombers, we failed to hit with our own Assault Missiles because of .. dice. 4 dice with 3 rerolls (2 from Jonus, 1 from Krassis) was not enough to hit a Tie Fighter. Oh well. The game ended up being a slugfest with nothing else interesting happening, with our side losing by a small margin. Lesson learned: Assault Missiles take great work and care to hit and splash on the right targets.

 The second game was against the only team that actually brought an Epic ship. They had no clue how to play it however, and despite me insisting that we check out the rules before we play, we started placing asteroids not according to the rules because they wouldn't have it any other way. Fly casual has its limits, but I let it go and started playing. The Rebel tranport was unequipped, they also had Han Solo, Luke, X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings. It started out pretty ok, but in the first round of engagement 4 Ties were one-shotted. Even with their A-wings out of the fight for 3 turns (they decided to turn around towards their edge of the board, then come back) and with Luke and R2-D2 biting the dust from being hit by the Rebel Transport, we were only barely able to recover and reach point parity. Then the A-wings swooped in and finished off one of the Firesprays, securing them the victory. They lost a Y-wing and 3 X-wings, while we lost 8 TIE Fighters. Lesson learned: PS is much more important than I anticipated.

 Our third game speaks plenty of tiredness. 2h30 for each game is quite long, so both us and the opponents setup in front of each other and played chicken. We lost again, by a few points.  Lesson learned: Bring bigger guns.

 I saw this tournament as a clear list-building error on my part. The errors were made very clear from the first game: PS too low on too many front-line ships. Other ships too well equipped for how much damage they actually do etc. Unfortunately, we had to go in the following matches knowing it will be an uphill battle.

In the end, the guys with the Rebel transport won the whole thing. A nice indicator that everybody had something to learn that day.

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